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Offerings, dates

On this page you will find the planned dates with the respective topics and locations. All events will be held with a minimum of 4 participants. The maximum number depends on the size of the sailing yacht, but no participants will be accommodated in the lobby. For example, for a 57 feet, sailing yacht or catamaran with 5 cabins, a maximum of 8 people will be accommodated. Regardless of the schedule, we can plan individual dates together. Everything is possible, as long as it corresponds to good seamanship.

Skipper & Crewtrainings

Croatia, Trogir/Biograd

Location: Trogir, Marina Baotic

Training times: Daily from 09:00, end 17:00+ (depending on weather, training focus).
On Saturday dates we start at 12:00 and end on Tuesday at 12:00!
On Wednesday dates we start at 09:00 and end on Saturday at 09:00!

Sailing yachts: "Oceanis 45 or Bavaria 46" have 4 cabins each. The occupancy is for max. 6 persons.

Instructor: Top instructors with extensive training and experience (International Certificates, RYA Yacht Master Offshore, RYA Instructor for Sail, VHF/SRC) guarantee sound and practical training methods.

Anreise: Very good transport connections (Split airport, car, bus, train)

Brief overview

- Boat takeover, boat papers, safety briefing
- Keeping a logbook, radio and meteorology, line work
- Boat handling in theory and practice: harbor maneuvers, mooring under sail
- Maneuvering in a confined space
- Cruise planning and approach (day, night, navigation, weather, courses, crew tasks)
- Anchor maneuver, shore line
- MOB incl. recovery (engine, sails)
- Port approach and night sailing


Country/Place/Marina Date Booking status
Kroatien/Trogir/Baotic 25.03. – 28.03.2023 fully booked
Kroatien/Trogir/Baotic 29.03. – 01.04.2023 fully booked
Kroatien/Trogir/Baotic 01.04. – 08.04.2023 fully booked
Kroatien/Trogir/Baotic 08.04. – 12.04.2023 fully booked
Herbst 2023 Crew-Training

30.09. – 03.10.2023

04.10. – 07.10.2023


07.10. – 10.10.2023

11.10. -14.20.203




Cost per person: ab 420 € – 670 €


- Tourist tax, permit and final cleaning: 55,- Euro,- in cash on the spot

– Zuzüglich Bordkasse (Anlegegebühren, Bordverpflegung, Diesel) je nach Verbrauch ca. 125 Euro  pro Person, Skipper wird über die Bordkasse verpflegt.

Das Training wird ab 4 Teilnehmer durchgeführt.

Dein Skipper & Crewtraining


Genuss & Meilentörns

– Italien/Neapel

– Griechenland/Korfu, Skiathos

Genuss- und Meilentörns

Regardless of whether it is in Greece Skiathos, Corfu or in Italy the Amalfi Coast. All sailing areas have a very individual character and incredible charm.

Why Skiathos?
Sailing in the northern Sporades is still one of the insider tips. Since there is a direct flight connection again, the travel expenses are reasonable.

Klich hier für mehr Informationen zu Skiathos

Why Corfu?
Despite the streams of tourists. There are still the enchanting islands of Corfu, Paxos, Antipaxos, Kastos, Kalamos and Ithaca. Instead of organized souvenir stores, the simple Greek life and its people determine the impressions.

Klick hier für mehr Informationen zu Korfu

Why Italy, Amalfi?
The Gulf of Salerno is located about 40 km south of Naples. The rugged coastline with vineyards and colorful houses contrasts beautifully with the rich blue tones of the sea. The sailing area lives from contrasts, rugged cliffs, overflowing beautiful mandarin and lime groves, uninhabited islands off the beaten track.

Klick hier für mehr Informationen entlang Amalfi Küste

No matter which sailing area attracts you the most, it will be a very special sailing experience.

- 4 cabins sailing yacht; e.g. Oceanis 45, Bavaria 45, Sun Odyssey, Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 440
- 7 days (Sat - Sat), max. 6 participants
- Very good transport connections (Split airport, car, bus, train)
- Top sailing areas
- Sailing training included (Can do everything, don't have to do anything)

Skiathos 10.06. - 17.06.2023 (Fully booked) 

Skiathos 23.09. - 07.10.2023 (4 places in double cabins available), wink

Costs: ab 1090 €


- Visitor's tax, permit and final cleaning: approx. 70,- Euro,- in cash on spot

- Plus board cash (mooring fees, board catering, diesel) depending on consumption approx. 200 Euro per person, skipper is catered via board cash.

The events are conducted as leisure-appiness cruises.



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