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The Sailing Experience Academy is a partner of the Austrian Sailing Association and also active in the RYA training as Cruising Instructor Sail, Day Skipper and for Competent Crew. The RYA trainings are currently conducted through an official RYA training center in Croatia. The sailing expertise coupled with our experience in management consulting, coaching, personality development, change and conflict management, as well as teaching activities at universities guarantee a flexible training at the highest international level. Our trainings are held in small groups (4-8 persons) in time blocks spread over the year in Austria (Vienna, Graz area) or in Croatia. In addition, there are always special weeks in spring and autumn around attractive destinations in the Mediterranean Sea or the Canary Islands.
Upon request, individual appointments can be made for organizations or closed groups of 4 or more people. The IC exams are conducted by independent examiners of the ÖSV. For the RYA trainings from Yacht Master Level.

 Our story

Why the Sailing Experience Academy came into being ....

The adventures on the water have always fascinated me. As a child I learned to swim very early and at the same time came the desire for adventure on the water. Started with a self-made raft, the first river rafting adventures followed. Then it went to the inland lakes for dinghy sailing, to the Adriatic Sea, Mediterranean Sea for windsurfing, motor boating, sport catamaran sailing to the Red Sea and finally to yacht sailing. The sea has drawn me in its fascination.

Bei meinen Studien- und Berufswegen lernte ich viel über Organisations- Teamentwicklung, Coaching, Mediation uvm. All diese Erfahrungen wende ich fortwährend bei meinen Segeltörns mit Freunden und bei Trainings an. Darüber hinaus konnte ich sehr viel von meinen Segelpartnern und von den unterschiedlichen Crews lernen. Die überaus positiven Rückmeldungen feuerten meine Freude an. Eine Ausbildung folgfte der Nächsten. Bis hin zur RYA Ausbildungsreihe mit aktuellem Offshore Master, Crusing Instructor com. end.

After I was often asked, almost pressed, during my cruises and trainings, if I could also offer trainings, together with coaching, crew/team and leadership development, the thought never left my mind. To combine the profession with the hobbies, that would be the greatest - consequently sailing experience was born.

My experience so far confirms that anyone who feels joy, freedom in dealing with water, wind and waves, can safely learn to sail.

Gerald Mayr, MBA MSc

Owner of Segelerlebnis, Management Consultant, Coach and Mediator, CSR Expert, Data Protection Officer EU-DSGVO
RYA – Yachtmaster Offshore com. end., Cruising Instructor

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